About us

Themepark Maintenance and Support B.V. was founded by Alfred Jonkers and Wouter Snikkenburg. Together we have more than twenty years of experience in attraction technology and we’ve decided to join forces and work together. In this way we can meet the wishes of our customers even better and we can carry out any project – large or small.

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Passion for this great profession is what drives us. We love seeing the park visitors having a great time on the attractions that we have worked on with our heart and soul. We feel that passion when we have to come up with solutions at a height of 36 meters, but also when we start building according to a plan designed on paper. In this profession, we put everything we have into meeting technical challenges and constantly coming up with and implementing the best solutions.

Safety is extremely important in this field and it is therefore our top priority, at all times and in everything we do. Working precisely and safely in accordance with the NEN-EN 13814 guidelines, in every step of the work process, is essential in our profession and forms the basis of everything we do.

To ensure this safety, we only work with highly qualified technicians. It is therefore very important to us that we can draw from a wide range of experienced, highly qualified personnel. This is the only way we can meet the high demands of this field and visitors can rightly feel safe in the attractions built or repaired by us.